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We believe in making borders disappear for your supply chain, quickly, efficiently, and with 100% accuracy. That is why for 13 years we have innovated the transportation industry to offer our customers a single source for logistic services by air, sea, land, and everything in between. Customers are gained and retained through consistently high levels of professional service and value for money. With year on year growth, we now employ over 120 staff and have a turnover in excess of $50 million. The original directors/ shareholders still play an active role in the day to day operations of running the business. Like most businesses, we have had to earn the trust and confidence of our customers. Some use us daily, some weekly and some just occasionally but each one is just as important to us. Our vision for the future is to continue to increase our customer base whilst maintaining a personal service and meeting our “on time, every time” commitment to collection and delivery. At World Wide Brands we take great pleasure in knowing that whatever you need to keep track on your consignment (moving or storing, big or small), we can make it happen. We call ourselves the Complete Logistics Solution because we believe that we truly are.

Our People and Environment

We believe that to offer a truly customer focused operation requires total employee engagement. We operate an open door policy to encourage staff members to bring new ideas to the directors and management team to share. At World Wide Brands we pride ourselves on our ability to provide support and guidance to our workforce and operate at a whole team. As a company we also encourage and fund employee training to aid employee progression which in turn stimulates efficiencies, fulfilled staff and ultimately raises customer service. As part of our commitment to our employees and to the environment we are currently working towards ISO 14001. This accreditation guides and governs our effect on the environment and helps us to reduce our impact where possible.


World Wide Brands offers a wide variety of services mainly focused on Courier/Logistics services.We have more than 200 clients, most of which - foreign companies. Its customers include almost all of courier and river shipping companies in the United Kingdom.

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Worldwide Brands belong to a distinguished class of logistic companies with a clear defined market path in the United States. With scores of local branches and a robust global network, we provide domestic intra and inter-state express delivery services.


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